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Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Dark Dog Coffee Stout

My last post mentioned plans for a coffee stout using a cold infusion of ground coffee.
I brewed a robust stout based loosly on a couple of old favourites of mine. Once this was finishing primary fermentation I racked it off to a secondary fv on top of the cold coffee infusion that I had prepared a few days before in the fridge.
Before adding the coffee infusion I filtered the coffee grains using a paper filter.
Allof this went into bottles for freshness.
Early samples were a bit poor. There was some harshness to the beer and a strange aftertaste from the coffee. However, given some conditioning time and this has transformed into an extremely drinkable beer.
It pours dark black with a light carbonation with an off white, almost brown, but creamy head which lasts down the glass.
The coffee compliments the roastiness of the beer and the bitterness is about right for my tastes.
Don't get me wrong though. This is not a subtle beer. It's an assertive and complex pint that can fullfill my desire for coffee and beer in one glass.
I'll definitely consider brewing this one again.


  1. Interesting to see how cold coffee infusion compares with the way I did it (strongly brewed Moka pot). I think cold brewed coffee does have a different taste to coffee brewed with hot water.


  2. I think heating the coffee brings out a load of bitter aromas and flavours that I didn't want in the beer which is why I went the cold infusion way - my base stout recipe is assertive enough as it is.

    Just read the blog post for yours and it sounds similar, in fact your blog might have even been my inspiration when I started this one.